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  • Permanent Recluse

    Would you rather get paid to read every book or get paid to watch every TV show?

    View question · 1,007,735 votes
  • Undercover Employment

    Would you rather Work at the F.B.I. or Work at the C.I.A.?

    View question · 989,090 votes
  • Grizzled Cop

    Would you rather be a male police officer with a high pitched voice or be a male police officer with the appearance of an 8 year old boy?

    View question · 965,542 votes
  • The Artist's Dilemma

    Would you rather write a book or paint a picture?

    View question · 1,047,250 votes
  • Society's Focus

    If you ran a society, would you rather have your society focus on culture (art, literature, music, films, etc..) or have your society focus on science?

    View question · 1,019,155 votes
  • Daredevil Barrel

    Would you rather drive a moped on tight rope or go over niagara falls in a barrel?

    View question · 968,774 votes
  • Long Live Science

    Would you rather be famous for curing cancer or be famous for making everyone on earth live forever?

    View question · 1,105,103 votes
  • Horrible People

    Would you rather live with Hitler for 3 years or live with Saddam Hussein for 6 years?

    View question · 1,037,395 votes
  • Internet Haven

    Would you rather have Reddit take up 90% of your day or have 9gag take up 90% of your day?

    View question · 924,618 votes
  • Localized Fame

    Would you rather be a famous athlete in the Olympics, known around the world or be a famous actor, known only in America?

    View question · 1,055,561 votes

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