15 Things you should know about flying that flight attendants wont tell you

If you are like me you most certainly wonder about some of the things that go on during a flight, or things you don’t see. Here are some secrets known by flight attendants that you should know as well.


  1. The blankets are reused. This one isn’t even a secret. I’ve sat on a lay over flight (before they made you get off) and watched them just re-fold them back up and stash them in the overhead compartments.
  2. The plane is only deep cleaned once a month. They keep up on routine maintenance regularly why don’t they really clean them while they’re at it?
  3. Don’t drink the coffee or tea. Yes the water is drinkable but those large tanks the water is stored in…..see #2…stick to sealed drink containers to be safe.
  4. Yes they do mind waiting for you while you pull every last piece of trash from the seat pockets, your pockets and your luggage pockets. They have 200 other passengers trash to gather up. Have it ready before she arrives.
  5. The food is as unhealthy as it seems, They’re even warned during training to not eat it regularly because it is devoid of nutrients, high in fat and simple carbs. Pack some healthy snacks like protein bars, nuts etc.
  6. Your flight attendant can’t get you an upgrade. That is something that only can be done by the gate attendant. They can do a lot of things for you but that’s not one of them.
  7. Mile high club isn’t that common. Yes, attendants notice when two people go into the restroom so don’t think you are getting away with something. Plus, that’s just disgusting, we all have to use that same restroom….see #2 again.
  8. It’s not a glamorous job. Yes, it may sound exciting flying from one exotic locale to another but rarely is that the case. They can work long hours and many times after a flight they just turn right around for another return flight with no layover.
  9. Turning off your electronics IS a big deal. It’s not just your cell phone that makes a difference but the accumulation of 100 others not following the rules that affects the communication between the tower and the airline pilot.
  10. Airline attendants are not there to help you get drunk. No they don’t mind serving you a drink or two if it helps you relax but it’s not a place to get wasted because they will cut you off before it gets that far.
  11. Most commercial airlines won’t allow you to tip. If you really loved the service, write a letter to the airline. The attendants get incentives for it. 
  12. Having this job makes it difficult to have a personal life. Irregular schedule, rarely home, being hit on frequently. Sounds like a recipe for relationship disaster if you ask me. 
  13. Appearance is not as important as it used to be. Airlines don’t have the same sexist height, age and weight requirements like they used to. 
  14. Slow down on the service bell. Nothing irritates them more than someone who is needy and thinks they are the only person on the plane. If it’s really important then use it. Otherwise wait until they come back around, which is usually often.
  15. Headphones are reused. Just like the blanket example above. Although they are sanitized I would bring your own just to be safe.

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