19 places you can travel to for $10-50 a day

Armenia with Mt Ararat (Turkey) in the background

Have you ever wondered where you could travel to for $50 a day. Maybe $20 a day. What about just $10 a day? Think it’s impossible? It’s not, take a look at our list of the cheapest destinations world-wide and what you can do to stretch your dollar. 

So you only have $10 a day to spend while you’re on vacation, Here’s your list.

  1. Nicaragua – Dorm beds can be found for less than $10. You can get to know the locals and stay with them for free. Street food is a couple of bucks and you can do outdoor activities like going to the beach, sight seeing etc.
  2. Vietnam – Look for locally managed hotels for rooms to rent. Ask a local, sometimes they will rent out a room for as little as $5 a night. Take a local bus and eat where the locals eat.
  3. Cambodia – grab a 50 cent beer, eat the cheap food and crash in the $2 dorm beds. Food is cheap here too, maybe a buck or two per meal.
  4. Jamaica – As always, buy local. Locally grown food is always cheap. Cook your food in your room when ever possible. 
  5. China – Stay away from developing cities like Hong Kong and Shanghai. Go to lesser traveled cities like Lijiang or Kunming and stay in hostels instead of hotels.
  6. Bali – Private guest houses near the beach can be found for less than $10 a night and cooked meals are around $1-3.
  7. Thailand – Budget hotel rooms can be found for as little as $6 a night, you can feed yourself on local street food for about $5 a day.
  8. Laos – Probably best bang for your buck. $1-2 for food and lodging for about $10 a day. Try local guest houses, super cheap and popular with backpackers alike.
Laos Food Market

Have a little more money to spend? Here’s some places you can go to for less than $30 a day.

  1. Ecuador – Grab a meal for less than $3 and rent a cheap bike to see the sights
  2. Malaysia – Hostels can be found for about $5-7 a night. Again, street food is the answer here. Around $1-2 per meal.
  3. Taiwan – Hostels can be found for about $10-20 a night. The bus is about $2-5 a day.
  4. India – In the southern regions you can rent a guest house for about $4-8 a day, food is bout $1-2 per meal

    Southern India Beach
  5. Pakistan – People are super-friendly and many will let you stay with them for free and show you around while you’re there. You can eat for less than$3 a day also.
  6. Armenia – Grab the bus for a day tour for about $15 a day and stay in a hostel or hotel for about $15 a night.
  7. Bangladesh – One of the poorest countries in the world but super friendly. Cup of tea is 7 cents, hotels for about $5 a night, meals about $1 each. Wow!
Bengali people love to show you their beautiful country

 For you big spenders, here a a few places you can visit for less than $50 a day. 

  1. Greece – Recent poor economy has driven prices down a lot. Hotels run about $20 a night, a meal and alcoholic drink for less than $10 and buses are cheap.
  2. Peru – Hostels and guesthouses run $10-25 a night, sit down meals are about $5 and you can catch a bus for a buck.
  3. Portugal – Cheapest place in western Europe, tons of cheap campgrounds, like I said in a previous post, lots of free admission days at museums.
  4. Turkey – Airfare bargains are routine. Hostels are nice and run about $20 night but usually include breakfast Meals for about $2.

There are so many beautiful places you can visit throughout the world. Spend some time doing your research to find the best deals. Try to stay away from the high tourist areas and follow the locals advice. Don’t forget to share your experiences with us. We’d love to hear from you.


Local Restaurant in Peru


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