A Travel Star is Born

Travel Stars by VRguest launched in March with a bang. We headed out to the giant Social Media Marketing World conference in San Diego, California to meet with some the top people in social media. We introduced Travel Stars to them as a social media outlet to share travel stories and images. We received a lot of positive attention from a lot of people, both new to the industry and those who were quite well established. We didn’t go empty handed, either, as we had something quite nice to offer.

Casa Galena Telluride Colorado

While our mission was to share the news about our travel blogging platform, we sweetened the pot by offering vacation rentals where the conference attendees could earn a stay if they gained the most hits on the site. It was the perfect meeting of interests. People who like to share on social media were welcomed to do so while staying at one of our fantastic vacation destinations.

Master Bedroom Casa Galena Telluride CO

The winners quickly rose to the top and our vacation rentals were awarded to those who qualified. The first vacation stay is coming up very soon! Our first social media vacation goer, Mallory Logan, is headed to Casa Galena in Telluride, Colorado in just two weeks.

Living room Casa Galena Telluride CO

The hosting property management company is Welcome to Telluride, a vacation rental company located in Colorado’s famous ski country. It is a “Boutique” vacation rental management company offering some stunning properties next to the slopes. They are more than happy to share tips, advice, and booking information and help regarding Telluride’s vast array of outdoor activities and restaurants.

Summer in Telluride Colorado

And, just in case you were wondering what a person might do in ski country during the summer, you might be blown away by what they have to offer. The list includes cycling, whitewater rafting, hiking, fishing, paragliding, wildlife viewing, kayaking, hot air balloon rides, cave exploring, museums, great restaurants, live theater, health and beauty spas, and 5 nearby National Parks. Summer is, in fact, a favorite time to visit for a growing number of guests.

Casa Galena vacation rental

We are looking forward to hosting our first Travel Star ambassador in Telluride, Colorado. Be sure to come back to find out more in the next few weeks. In the meantime, look up Welcome to Telluride and be sure to check out VR Travel Stars for great travel stories. You can even join in on the fun yourself!

Casa Galena Vacation Rental

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