About Us Page


VRguest stands for Vacation Rental Guest.

We began our business with two goals:

  1. To offer worldwild vacation rentals to travellers without added fees in an enviornement that made the guest comfortable. The idea was to connect vacation-goers with property owners and hotels directly, without the inhibitive middle man adding costs or blocking communication. With our website, the person you are renting from is visible and accessible.
  2. To offer vacaton rental owners and managers the opportunity to take their businesses back. Major booking sites have created a distance between renters and the actual rental business. We aimed to reverse that trend. Our website is designed to hand vacation rental owners and managers their business back. It puts the owner of the business at the helm. It puts them in direct contact with clients that belong to them, not a third party booking site. Our goal was to return the operation of vacation rentals back to those who owned the rentals.

We have succeeded at those goals. Through hard work and dedication we have created a booking site that caters to both the traveler and the vacation rental industry. Our inovative approach saves both parties money! What could be better than that? You can book a vacation rental with confidence, and know who you are doing business with. Vacation rental owners and managers retain their branding and earn their clients the old fashioned way.

VRguest does what a booking website is supposed to do. We are here to connect travelers with travel accommodations. And that’s it!