Are You our Next Travel Videographer?

Video has gone big and it is not going to stop. With easy access to video making on our mobile devices, it’s a field that everyone can enter. Sure, some of us take videos that look like they were taken from inside a running clothes dryer, but others of us have that steady hand that makes it seem like our arm is a Hollywood camera crane. The rest of humanity fists somewhere in between. Thanks to social media, however, most of us can use even those shaky videos to get our message across. People want to hear what others have to say, and they want to see what others are doing. It has turned social media into the greatest reality TV show ever imagined.

We used to have a thing called home video. Well, that term really isn’t at thing anymore. There’s just to much amateur video for the word to survive. And, seriously, you don’t need to be at home with your giant VHS camera to make your movies anymore. Video is for everywhere now.

We at VRguest have created a place to share videos, but not just any videos. We are a vacation rental booking site and so our focus is travel. And let us tell you, in case you didn’t know, travel videos are huge. People who make travel videos regularly can actually make a lot of money.

But where do you start? Travel Stars is the answer. In fact, Travel Stars is gearing up to be a perfect place for people to become known in the travel industry. You can be part of that. Posting travel related videos on Travel Stars can get you started on a path you will wind up loving. And what do we mean by travel related? It means videos of your travels but it also means videos of great destinations. Do you live in a great destination? That’s a great place to test your skills as a travel videographer. Show us travel activities, fantastic vistas, what’s to eat at our favorite destination, or just about anything you want, so long as it is related to travel.

Getting started is as easy as signing up. Then load up your videos and share your travel videos with the world. The people who come to our site are already interested in travel. You won’t get a better viewing public. So sign up now and show us what you’ve got!

Skier skiing powder, Stowe, Vermont, USA

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