Cool Tech Tech Travel Gadgets for 2018

Technology in the travel industry has made some big strides this year. Some really cool gadgets and some designed to improve your travel experience. Here are a few of this year’s favorites.

It’s like your own MSE-6 droid but a suitcase.

Now this goes against my last post about keeping your luggage safe within reach while in the airport but it is still pretty cool and could be of real benefit for those that have too many bags to carry. The CX-1 suitcase made by ForwardX comes equipped with facial recognition software and a wristband equipped with GPS. It can travel with you through your hotel, sidewalks airports or any other place where suitcases can roll. Not to worry though, Jut in case someone decides to walk off with the CX-1 you will receive an immediate alarm notifying you someone has walked off with it and allows you to track the thief down with the built-in GPS.


No need to take pictures with your smart phone.

There have been lots of products over the years that allow the user to take video or photo’s using a pair of sunglasses but the Spectacles make it a snap. Too many times we reach for our phone, open the camera app, choose the right setting and then take the picture only to lose the moment. With Spectacles it’s as easy as a push of the button on the side of the glasses and you can instantly take a picture or a video clip up to 10 seconds or push it again to extend the recording to 30 seconds. It syncs perfectly with Snapchat or your phone’s photo gallery and can take up to 70 pictures in a single charge.


Not your dad’s Swiss Army Knife

I know what you’re thinking. Who carries around Swiss Army knives anymore? Well, this is not your average Swiss Army knife. The Jetsetter@work Alox made by Victorinox was designed with travelers in mind that includes a pair of scissors, a key ring, a phillips screw driver, a wire stripper (presumably for hot wiring your bosses rental car), a bottle opener (for cracking open that brew in your bosses rental car…just kidding. Don’t do that.) and a removable 3.0/3.1 USB with 16GB of storage.  Best of all its completely TSA approved so you can take it on your carry-on.



The power bank of all power banks.

There are hundreds of companies making portable charging devices today but the new RAVPower HyperAir Fast Wireless Power Bank is perfect for the long-haul traveler. It is a wireless charging dock along with a power bank built into one highly functional, compact and easy to use unit. It also has an additional USB port so you can charge two devices at one time. The 10,400mAh capacity is capable of charging an iPhone X almost 3 times with the USB port. Now your 5 year old can watch as many episodes of Sponge Bob as he wants and stop kicking the poor person’s seat in front of them on your next international flight…you’re welcome!!


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