Destinations on the rise: Fernie Canada

The area of Fernie  sits in the Southeastern region of British Columbia’s Canadian Rockies, approximately 40 miles from Alberta. It is a resort town filled with outdoor adventure including downhill and cross country skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing in the winter. During the summer months, visitors can enjoy off road adventures, whitewater rafting, trail hiking, zip lining, disk golf, rock climbing, golfing, biking, fishing and nature tours.

Known for it’s fluffy champagne powder and world-class skiing Fernie averages about 30 feet of snow per year. Sitting about three miles outside of town is the area’s largest ski resort . Fernie Alpine Resort has 10 lifts that service 142 named runs and five alpine bowls.  The resort typically opens around the last week of November or the first week of December. Closing dates are typically mid-April. Opening and closing dates will vary based on snow fall accumulation.

If you look at the face of Mt Hosmer on summer evenings, you can see the legend of the Ghostrider. It is a very distinct looking shadow on the mountain side claimed to be an angry Indian chief and his jilted daughter chasing the town’s founder, William Fernie. Fernie began courting the chief’s daughter after he saw her wearing a polished coal necklace. For quite some time she refused to give the exact location where the coal was located but once he learned the hidden location of the coal he was no longer interested in her and cast her aside. A local medicine woman put a curse on both Fernie and the town and a series of tragedies in the following years only gave more life to the legend. In 1964 the town’s mayor and the local Indian chief shared a smoke from his peace pipe officially lifting the curse.

The area is quickly becoming a popular film location with it’s towering bmountain peaks, quaint The 2010 movie, Hot Tub Time Machine was largely filmed in Fernie.  The movie sets in a fictional town called Kodiak that brings four friends back in time to the year 1986. Some will recognize the the scenes that were taped on Main St, Brickhouse St and 2nd ave.

There are many accommodations to choose from when staying in Fernie. Whether you are interested hotels, resorts, cabins, town homes or condos, even camping, you will be sure to find what ever you are looking for here. You can find many options on our VRguest website here. Make sure to check out the calendar to see a list of events happening throughout the year.

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