Earn a Vacation Stay with Pictures of my Hometown?

Most have heard the term staycation by now. It means enjoying the pleasures of your hometown as though you were on vacation. It means going out to that restaurant you might only enjoy while on vacation. It means going down to the shore to sit all day or spending long hours at the local botanical garden or museum.

Every hometown has something unique about it and most have attractions to entertain the residents. Even the simplest of towns have an allure to those who live in a busy metropolis. Your town has things that others want to see. It’s almost guaranteed. What is ordinary to you, is special to someone who lives far away under different circumstances.

Travel Stars by VRguest is hosting a program in which you can earn a stay in a vacation rental. To earn your stay, you enter your stories, images, and videos onto travelstars.vrguest.com. When you make it to the top, beating out the others posting their travel stories, you have the opportunity to be a VRguest vacation rental brand ambassador. That means you get a free stay in a quality vacation rental while you use your skills of writing, photography, or videography to show off the vacation rental that you earned.

Why would we give away a rental stay worth $2000 to $4000 dollars US? The answer is that we are looking for Brand Ambassadors. Brand Ambassadors talk about a company or a product to help the company promote. Is that you? Well, it can be. You don’t have to be a polished advertising model. You just have to have to be interesting enough to draw attention.

When you post on travelstars.vrguest.com, your posts will receive views that will be compared to the views others who are posting on the site. If you get more views than everyone else, then your ahead. Views can be boosted by sharing your posts on your social media with a simple click of a button. The better you are at getting the word out, the better your posts will do. Before long, you will find your post rising up through the ranks.

If one post you created doesn’t do the trick, then post others. You can make your posts as short and simple or as long and complex as you like. Play around with different combinations and see what works best. You can also post as often as you like. A lot of posts will give you a better chance of earning a vacation stay.

Check out our site and imagine what you might add to it. Then sign up and get started. Hope to see you there soon! We’re kind of curious about how your hometown looks.

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