Guest Blogging Invitation and Guidelines

Guest Posting for

VRguest is a global vacation rental booking sight. Our name is created from the words Vacation Rental Guest. If you would like to write for us, you might start by reading our About Us page for more information on our company.

While we would love to send a correspondent around the globe collecting content for us, our company is in its formative stages, and that is not yet an option. The two indivduals who are most suited to that task are quite tied up here at our office. And no – we are not looking to fill that post! What we are seeking is travel bloggers who would like to share written and visual content on our site. If you are reading this, you probably already know the value of guest posting. It spreads your content and your brand farther than it might go on your blog or website alone.

The world of guest posting changed due to an algorythm update by Google. So is guest posting dead? No. The type of guest posting that died was the spammy type with link bait and other unpleasant features. Guest posting, in fact, is doing quite well and still retains its value to the author and the host site. Google’s update did not end guest posting because guest posting is essential and it is a great form of exchange between writers and website owners.

What VRguest is looking for in a guest blog

We are looking for descriptions of travel destinations and travel experineces from around the world. VRguest has a growing list of countries where property owners use our site to offer vacation rentals. At this moment we are in 64 countries, most of which are the top travel destinations in the world. Since we book vacation rentals, a description of where you stayed might point to our competition, so no, we probably will not use reviews of your stay at a particular hotel. Otherwise, we are open to unique, previously unpublished accounts of your travel experiences.

What we have to offer

We are new, but we are growing fast. Further, we are not inexperienced at the game. We began our journey into global vacation rentals by first mastering local vacation rentals. We operate out of Clearwater Beach, Florida, in the Tampa Bay area. You can see our local blog here. We are the number on vacation rental management company in our area. Our social media presence reaches 4 million people a year, a number which is also rapidly growing. While our local blog only reaches 50 to 60 thousand people a month, those readers are a targeted audience, all of them having an interest in our area. That’s a fairly golden following for a local blog aimed at getting people interested in a very specific area.

While we forge into the global market, we are repeating the processes we used on the local blog. This time however, the audience is global travelers, a much larger market. We anticipate the readership growing considerably larger than our local blog. If you would like to share in our growth, then join us by submitting a guest blog post.



About You

You should be able to direct us to previous work that you have done. Of course, while our global blog is new, we may be more inclined to consider newer writers. The content you direct us to must be quality content that is not littered with spammy links, excessive pop ups, click bait, and other poor web practices.

You should make return visits after posting and respond to questions and comments to your blog post.

It is ok to link back to your site, blog, and social media presence. In fact, that would go under best-practices of a guest blogger.

Good Writing

Post must be error free. We will not edit the piece or post it with errors intact. You should be a good enough writer to know grammar and to know the value of submitting well-edited content. We follow the rules of traditional grammar. If the grammatical construct wasn’t acceptable 50 years ago, it probably isn’t acceptable today. And yes, we know words change. That’s ok.

We use the Oxford comma.

As a general rule, your post should contain no more than two links per 500 words.

Posts should be at least 1000 words. This rule can be bent when a volume of photographs, graphics, or videos is used.

Your post should be original:

  • Don’t write about tired, worn out subjects that many other writers have often covered
  • Don’t submit articles you already posted elsewhere
  • Don’t submit articles that are spun from already posted articles.
  • We use Copyscape to avoid plagiarism and reposting. If you send us copied content, we will not consider your work a second time.

Your post should be on-topic

Ours is a travel blog. That makes things easy. Even if you go somewhere many other people have gone, your article should be just fine so long as you have a personal or original viewpoint on the location or activity. It is okay to write about a fantastic destination near  your home, even if you didn’t have to travel. Who knows more about a site than the locals anyway?


  • My experiences in X city
  • Why I liked X location instead of the more popular Y location
  • Transportation in X location
  • Food in X location
  • People are friendly in X
  • What I learned…
  • Why I prefer…
  • What to pack when going to X location
  • My hike to X location
  • My experience at X park, beach, or downtown hotspot
  • An honest, mostly positive review of one of our rentals


Avoid posting:

  • A list of facts about a destination as the main content of the blog. That has been done to death. For example: The Ten Best Tourist Attractions in Paris. If you are going to list of the best things to do in an area, it would be helpful if you had experienced them. That way you have an opinion and it is no longer a blow by blow list but rather an account of your travels.
  • How you travled to X location for almost no money at all. Our clientelle are renting vacation rentals which is a differnt category of travel.
  • Backpacking stories. It pains me to say that. I love backpacking and have done a lot of it. However, the subject does not fit well with vacation rentals which is very different from tent camping.
  • Travel horror stories. We are looking for positive travel experiences that make people want to travel
  • Reviews of accommodations that aren’t ours.


We don’t post:

  • Negative comments regarding a people, place, etc.
  • Swear-word-laden content.
  • Lewd photos.
  • Content that is degrading or hateful to a race, religion, creed, or other traits of individuality or identity.

Use common sense in deciding what is acceptable or not. Our goal is to shine a positive light on travel.


Rights to your work

While you are welcome to link to your article at any time, we will own the rights to the specific blog you submit it to us. The idea isn’t to make money off of your work. The idea is to maintain and retain control of our blog. We retain the rights to keep the content posted or not, or share it on our social media sites, which, in fact, helps the writer gain more exposure. We also don’t allow editing after the fact, since that has been a known area of abuse. Send any valid corrections to us and we will be glad to help you to fix them. If a blog you posted with us needs to be removed, simply send us the reason for our consideration. We are very willing to work with writers.