Interview With Vroomres Property Management Platform

VRguest attended this years VRMA Eastern Conference in Miami and I got a chance to interview the folks at Vroomres. Vroomres is a new property management software company based out of Mount Pleasant South Carolina that was started by their founder, Kevin High. Kevin has a long history of success in the property management sector and now he’s ready to take the property management software industry by storm.

VRguest and Vroomres have a lot of similar beliefs. They don’t accept ideas of “how it’s always been done” or taking “the easy way out” as stated on their website. Their tagline is “What do you stand for?” I can say after spending some time with all these great people, they really do care about helping others.

Vroomres has three key components to their business: Number one is their free Property Management software. They believe that too many software companies charge fees, subscriptions or take commissions to use their software which takes away from the property managers ability to operate a profitable business. This isn’t some cheap under-performing platform or a “Freemium” version that requires additional purchases, this is fully functioning and very feature-rich software that includes over 15 functions including calendar syncing, payment processing, email autoresponders, Smart Home technology, a website widget and many more features. You can get a free demo of the software here.

Their second component is their services function. The Reservation Management Service can instantly respond to a reservation request within 5 minutes, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. The great thing about this service is the customer speaks to a live person, this is not a chat bot operated SMS text messaging system. The Reservation Management service staff can handle inbound reservation inquires and guest questions are screened and answered or forwarded to the property management staff.

Thee third component is their Vacation Rental Supplies function. They offer products like smart home control, cloud managed networks, remote locking systems, property protections and security and my favorite feature, noise detection. The noise detection system allows property managers to monitor the noise levels of their property to avoid complaints from neighbors. Very cool feature! Want coffee and other supplies? They have that to.

Vroomres is a great company to get behind and I can’t wait to see what other exciting products they bring to the market. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest¬†,Google+ and LinkedIn¬†

You can listen to their full interview with the founder Kevin High, the COO Ellen Stebbins and Marketing Communications Manager Alexandra Cole here:

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