Is being a Travel Star for You?

Travel Stars is new place on to post about your travels. It is unique in that it puts your post in a specific destination. That way, when people search for that location, they will find you! The site is working well and more people are signing up and using it every day. But how do you use it? How do you get a lot of hits on the site and what do we mean when we say you can earn your way to the top?

On Travel Stars, creating a post is pretty darn simple. You select an image or video and then upload. Or, if you want to write a blog, you create your post and upload it. We’ve made it as simple as it can be. What you will find that is different about VRguest’s Travel Stars is that we ask you to share where the images or stories are from. That way site visitors interested in that area can most easily find them. In other words, Travel Stars is a destination-based travel sharing platform.

St Augustine, FL
St Augustine, FL

Once your post is created, how do you get people to view it? How do you create a buzz about your content and make it popular? The first thing that will happen is that those coming to Travel Stars will see your post and hopefully view it. Because they are interested in your destination, they are probably going to spend some time with your post. Secondly, you have the opportunity to promote the post on your own. By sharing the post on your own social media, you will create a greater amount of hits on what you shared.

But why share you post on Travel Stars instead of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or some other site? The answer is that our ranking system is a game you might want to play. The more views you get on Travel Stars, the higher your rank will go. The rank shows up under your profile picture. That number is how your rank compares to the other Travel Stars who are posting on the site. Sharing your posts on your social media channels will raise your rank. The higher your rank, the better chance your posts have to be seen by more people. Why? Because a high rank makes you appear in larger areas on our site. For example, when you first post, you appear on the city page of the site. When you get enough views, you get pushed up to larger regions, such as state, country, and continent. Those with the most hits on the site appear on our home page. That means you get views by more and more people until finally, you are one of the first to be viewed when visitors arrive to the site.

Head over to Travel Stars and check it out. Then sign up and create a post. When you do, you’ll see that there’s even more fun stuff going on than this one blog post is able to tell.

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