Looking for a Place to Promote Your Travel Book?

So you write travel books. If you have already published or you are approaching publication of your travel book, then you have the stark reality of promotion staring you down. It’s the moment when writers realize they are only half of the industry. The other half is making that book known, and it’s a big deal.

Pen with ink well bottleWriters in this day and age can take two routes to publication; get accepted by a publisher or self-publish. Either way, the author is still tasked with assisting in promotion. The reality is that it can be a lot of fun. Traveling to a new spot, meeting people and talking about your book, or even encountering someone who knows about you. Book shows are exciting venues; well, okay, usually.

VRguest is in the travel industry. We help people find vacation rentals across the globe. When we hear about travel books and travel writers, we get interested. It just so happens that we have created a platform for sharing travel posts. Travelers or people interested in travel can come to our Travel Star pages and share their images, videos, or tales about their travels. The great thing about those pages is that they are ready and waiting for those who are most interested in travel. Our customers are ready to travel when they reach out to us. They are the perfect audience to view travel related posts.

So, wouldn’t that include travel book authors too?

Well, of course! Our Travel Star pages are a great platform to let the world know about your book. Just write a quick post and add a link to your sales page. Just like that you have an extra outlet. One insightful Travel Star poster has already put up a regional cook book! So long as your book is travel related or vacation destination based, you’re good to go. Adding some tidbits about a destination is a great idea while posting. Be ready to fill in the area you are talking about which is a unique features of our site. That way, when people search that destination, they will find you. Is your book about more than one location? Then make more than one post!

We like authors here at VRguest and we especially like travel writers. Head over to Travel Stars and check it out. Then sign up and let us know about your travel book!


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