One Easy Trick to Get People to Read your Travel Post

Want a quick and simple trick to apply to get people to read the blog your wrote? Here’s an easy-to-apply way to gain more views and clicks.

Imagine yourself sitting down at your computer or device to search for the topic of the post you just wrote. Did  you write about the best barbecue Nashville, Tennesee? Well, then, put yourself in the shoes of the person searching online. What would they enter in the search bar? What would you enter? I would enter “best barbecue in Nashville” or “What is the best barbecue in Nashville” or “Top rated barbecue in Nashville.” You get the idea. It’s so simple. How would you search for it?

Barbque ribs cooking

Once you type out a few ways, pick the one that seems the most interesting or which fits your post the best – and there you have it. You just made your post that much more searchable. Yes, we’ve tried it and yes it works.

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