Partying at the Lumberyard in Huntsville, Alabama

We recently hit Huntsville in northern Alabama as Travel Stars and found, much to our surprise, that the city was very cool. We did not have to explore the city on our own, thankfully. The people who organized the Travel Bloggers Exchange (TBEX) conference we attended did all the work for us. That is how, on our second night, we wound up at a place called the Lumberyard.

A.M. Booths Lumberyard is a big place with lots going on inside. Having run for about ten years, the unique venue is built in, you guessed it, an old lumberyard. The lumberyard ran for about fifty years, creating at least some of the buildings in the late 1800’s. The age showed on our visit, but we assure you it was only in a good way. The historic vibe the the location exuded created the atmosphere which made it so fun to browse.

Band playing at Lumberyard, Huntsville, AL

The TBEX organizers reserved the Lumberyard for the evening, giving the travel bloggers attending the event free reign. The Lumberyard wasn’t a place you could take in all at once. It included lots of different rooms, several of them set up as individual bars. Four bands were playing at the same time, but thanks to the sprawling nature of the venue, it worked out just fine. Food buffets and multiple bars kept the guests happy without a penny spent, except tips, of course. Tables filled with groups of happy party-goers while other roved and listened to the bands. In addition to the drinks, food, and music, the Lumberyard also had billiards and a BB gun shooting arcade. Occupying in the middle of the courtyard was a large passenger train car, adding further historic ambiance to the location.

BB gun arcade Lumberyard, Huntsville, AL

Poarch Band of Creek Indians pitched in as a sponsor for the event and made their presence known by appearing with brightly dressed dancers who offered a show. The visual display and the history they shared contributed yet another layer of historic allure to the evening. It got us thinking about Alabama and what more it might offer.

Poarch Band Creek Indians

Thanks to the large open spaces, the great bands, and the upbeat crowed of travel bloggers at the Lumberyard, it was a really good time. It was another look into Huntsville that made us think it might be a pretty cool place. It wasn’t the last, however, so be sure to come back to see where we wound up next!


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