Summer Vacation or the Start of a New Career?

Summer vacation is not often spent doing the most productive things. We are given time off and that’s how we use it! And why not? But what if we could spend our time doing something we loved that could also be something productive? What if it also aimed toward an interesting future? That would be nice.

Summer vacation supplies us with a time to travel. Vacation plans aim at the summer for good reason. The time is freer for students and the weather is the best of the year. So, why not turn travel into something that can work for you? Many people have done so by becoming travel bloggers. Travel bloggers, simply put, photograph and write descriptions of their travels to share with others. Some people are making a very profitable living doing so. has set up a perfect place to make yourself known. We are a global vacation rental booking site that provides a space for people to share their travel experiences. It is the perfect blending of industries because the people who are most interested in travel are the ones who arrive to see your travel stories and images. The space is called Travel Stars. It allows you to share stories, videos, or photographs of your adventures. When you post, you enter the location you are sharing about. That lets travelers and interested viewers find you more easily. It also means, when they find you, they are the most targeted audience for what you have shared.

Alpine landscape Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Whether your summer vacation has started or not, go check out Travel Stars and make and account. Once you do, you can start posting about your travels and adventures. We guarantee there are people who want to hear what you have to say – and they’ll find you on Travel Stars.

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