The First Three Days of Vacation

Have you ever been on a vacation that didn’t seem to go well? While that can happen because of an unpleasant experience, it still can occur when things go as planned.

Being away from home is a major source of stress for some. At home, our conveniences are laid out within our reach. While traveling, they’re not. We have what we fit in our bags and no more. You can add bags, but you will never truly take the comfort of your home along with you. Thanks to that reality, being away can impose inconveniences. With enough of them, you can get stressed.

Couple tourists on Hawaii by waterfall

Road trips are famous for stressful situations, especially if young children are involved. Traveling in foreign countries ranks highest on most peoples’ lists, however. Despite the things that are familiar, the differences stand out with greater detail, impeding what we see as simple daily processes. While you can employ simple fixes, like going to the store and buying supplies, you won’t always fix the problem.

This post might have delved into how to solve each one of those problems, but that’s not it’s point. The issue is that things can stress us out while we’re traveling. It’s going to happen. Be mentally prepared for it. The small bit of wisdom dropped here is not so much that, however, it is this; the first three days of vacation are usually the most stressful.

Those first three days are when the major changes hit us. It’s when we realize what we don’t have. It’s when we realize how hard travel can be. A vacation can last for two weeks, but those first three days might seem the longest. They might take up a bigger space in your memories than the rest. If you took an honest inventory of the troubles you had during a trip, you might find most of them at the beginning, during those first three days.

The silver lining is knowing that piece of information beforehand. Head off on your adventure realizing that those first days will shape you, rather quickly, into a tougher person who will walk through the rest of the vacation with a lot less trouble. It’s true. Just let those days happen, let the dirt of the road blow in your face (figuratively). When the dust rises again, it won’t seem like that big a deal. With the right attitude toward the minor, and even major, struggles of traveling, you’re chances of having a happy vacation will be greatly improved.

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