Travel Trivia 2

Travel Trivia Challenge Two

We set out again on our travel trivia challenge, this time with some more difficult questions. The team had a good time though, even if fewer answers came back with the right answer.

We will be continuing Travel Trivia challenge so keep an eye out for more of them. We have some interesting guests on the line to show up next time, so keep your fingers crossed. has just started out and is still in its Beta stage, so we’ve had some trouble getting previous guests online with the program.

So if you’d like to play along with the game to see how many you get right compared to our contestants, give our video a watch.



If you’d like to view live or, specifically, join in, pay close attention while you are logging on. It will ask for permission to use your camera and microphone. If you say no, the program won’t be able to display your picture or voice.

If you are wondering what the “im” is in, it means Isle of Man, that island between England and Ireland.

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