Vloggers Never Travel Alone

We all do things ahead of their time. We create something or imagine it should be only to find, a few years later, that someone has invented it. A friend of mine created some new dance moves, played with them, and then put them away with his childhood only to see them appear on television as a dance craze years later. I knew a man who, just before mobile devices had Internet access, created websites that adjusted to the size of the screen. His friend told them that they were dumb and so he abandoned it. (ouch!) For me, my innovative idea involved travel. In the days of 8mm video, I would film my travel adventures and talk to the camera about what was happening. People considered it odd, alas.

Aspen Colorado girl by river

Today, talking into your camera about your travel adventures is how it’s done! Travel vlogging, it’s called. Let’s run that word down, shall we? A blog comes from the words “web” and “log.” Put them together and say them fast and pretty soon, you have “blog.” Now add “video” to “blog” and do the same. You wind up with Vlog. And there you have the definition of blog and the definition of vlog. Vlogging has taken off as a communication form, an art form, and a business!

But what’s the point of Vlogging? It’s a way to share your travel memories. The best part, however, is you don’t have to sit your family down in a living room to watch your video anymore. You just post it online and wait for people to come view it. Better still, you can do it live and share with others while the moment is occurring!

So why entitle this blog “Vloggers never travel alone?” That’s simple. If you are vlogging your way along on your travel adventure, you are, in fact, not really alone. You have a large number of people following along with you. They are “there” sharing your journey in a way that no travel book could capture. Viewers know the content is fresh, especially if it’s live. It puts them in the moment and gives the best experience possible -at least from a sofa.

At VRguest, we have created a space to share travel memories called Travel Stars. Once your video is made, upload it to Travel Stars. Fellow travelers and travel enthusiasts will find you there. So, the next time you are off on your travels, get your camera out and invite a few thousand people to join you. Sign up and give it a try!

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