What is a Staycation?

The word staycation is new. Once coined, it has spread like wildfire because it describes something a lot of us have been doing all along.

STAYCATION means behaving like a tourist in your hometown. It is a combination of the words STAY and VACATION. Staycation means going to your local beach, visiting the nearby theme park, hitting the local landmarks, or dining at that restaurant that might be a little too pricey. It’s taking a vacation without leaving town.

What would you do on your staycation? That’s for you to decide.

Make a run on the local museums. Ride the elevator to the top of the tallest building in town. Take pictures of your hometown monuments. Climb that mountain you can see from your house. Rent a boat on your local lake.

Maine uptown

The kind of staycation you take will be shaped by where you live. A hometown-tourist experience in a small town will be a lot different than one in a major city. Is boating even an option where you live? Is the tallest building in town only four stories tall? Are there no mountains in sight? Good questions, however, for a staycation you, don’t focus on what isn’t there but rather what is.

You are bound to know what is in your hometown, but, what you might not expect, is that you will also find things you didn’t know were there. Those will be the items that make making your staycation experience a lot more like a vacation.

You should not rule out vacations, of course. Oh no. Vacations are still a good idea to recharge your batteries. However, a staycation is a great, inexpensive way to experience where you live with fresh eyes. Your hometown is cool, and you probably know it.

So, grab your camera or your mobile device and head out. Make the most of it and live like a tourist. You might find a staycation is a heck of a lot more like a vacation than you imagined.


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