What is Travel To You?

The traveler knows what lies ahead, even when the destination is unknown. A new vista will come into view, a remarkable building will appear around a bend, or a smiling face you never met will greet you. Those are the experiences that make traveling so alluring, so addictive. Each unexpected thing catches us in the glow of wonder, the wonder of the undiscovered and the not yet experienced. That is why the traveler knows what will come, and that is why he or she travels. It is the experience that is expected, perhaps, even, the surprises.

We love travel because it keeps us aware and keeps us alert. It takes us away from the mundane and places us into situations that make us think, make us experience, and make us learn. Perhaps that is why the expression “All those who wander are not lost,” has become so shared. People connect to the concept. To receive the greatest thrill from travel, one must depart from the paths ordinarily walked.

So, what is a travel to you? That is a question no one can answer for you because, each time, the answer is different.


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