What is VRguest?


VRguest is an international travel booking site that you can find at VRguest.com. It is short for Vacation Rental Guest.

When we saw the vacation rental industry changing, we decided that people who rent out their houses and condos needed a new outlet. They needed an alternative to the major booking sites. Wow, did that turn out to be true! In keeping with anounced restructurings, the large booking companies started making sweeping changes that affected not only vacation rental owners and managers, but also the travelers as well.

Our goal from the very beginning was to make the entire game easier for everyone. That means making things simpler for the vacation rental owners and managers and for the travelers.

Here’s how we’re doing it. We are offering vacation rental managers and the owners the ability to put their units on our site for less. That, naturally, provides the ability to keep prices low for the traveler.

We didn’t stop there, however.

Some of the main advantages being taken away in larger and larger amounts from owners and managers is the ability to communicate directly with customers, to run their own finances without interference, and to maintain their branding. We set out to turn back that tide.

We’ll break that down for you so you can see how those changes affect both the rental owner and the renter.

vacation rental bedroom

A vacation-goer wishes to go on a trip and decides on a vacation rental or hotel for accommodations. They secure a unit via a booking site. Within the changed format for major booking sites, they may never get to talk to the owner, they don’t pay the owner, and they might never know what the brand name of that property is or the name of the company from which they are booking.

VRguest has changed that.

First, we allow vacation rental owners and managers to use their own brand name. When you go to book on VRguest.com, you see the name of the property, and maybe even see a logo on top of the property picture. That means you know who you are dealing with right from the start. Thanks to our progressive changes, you will be dealing with them right through to the end too!

Second, it is the owners and managers of the property, the actual business owner, who receives the payment. Instead of a third party site deciding when and where the money will go, it is the actual owner or manager, the person you are renting from. The distance is removed. That fact also lends more flexibility on prices. When a third party site scoops up the profits, little is left for the business owner. That means prices cannot be dropped. A business owner with financial flexibility can offer you a deal you might not get with the big booking sites.

Third, you will be able to communicate directly with the property owner or manager, not a giant booking site who is looking at a big financial picture rather than the smaller one that involves your dream vacation. Often, you can directly speak with or email the person you will meet when you arrive. The large booking sites are currently eliminating that ability. By blocking the communication, they put themselves as the go-to for your vacation booking instead of the owner. VRguest understands that is not necessary. We are a booking site that provides a helpful service to both the rental business and the traveler. We offer a place to meet. Isn’t that all you really need?

By arranging our site in that way, we eliminate the branding war between parties who really should be business partners rather than competitors. If that seems like it might make it easier and  more comfortable to book a vacation rental, you’re right. It does.

At this writing, VRguest.com has vacation rental properties in 46 of the United States and in 64 countries around the world. Those numbers grow daily. We are re-setting the vacation rental industry and putting the business back in the hands of those who actually run it. That makes things easier for everyone.

Try us out for your next vacation!

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