What the Heck is a Brand Ambassador?

What the heck is a brand ambassador anyway? The good news is that it’s not hard to explain. A brand ambassador helps a brand to promote their brand or their products in exchange for something. Brand ambassadors are chosen because they have the ability to communicate to large numbers of people. In today’s world, that means they are a celebrity of some type or that they have gained a substantial following on social media.

In order to reach the level where brands look at you as a brand ambassador, you have to show that you have social reach and that you understand what marketing is. We mean that literally. You don’t have to know all about marketing, you just have to know what it is and what it’s worth and that brands need it.

How do you get that popular on social media or in the world in general? Ha! This article is much too short for us to answer that. However, we would like to offer enterprising individuals a potential shortcut.

VRguest Travel Stars is looking for brand ambassadors. We are offering two ways to get there. One, if you think you’re a big enough deal already, feel free to contact us. Otherwise, if you want to know our shortcut, go to travelstars.vrguest.com and sign up. Post travel pictures, stories, or videos and you have a chance to earn your way to the top. Once there, we may invite you to be one of our brand ambassadors. We invite three to ten ambassadors for 3-7 day stays in vacation rentals each month. That’s kind of a lot, just so you know. A monthly opportunity means that you stand a great chance of being one of our new ambassadors. All you have to do is post great travel images and stories and then share them on social media. Once you rise to the top, we will contact you about being a brand ambassador.

So, if you’ve dreamed of traveling, being a travel brand ambassador, or using your great vacation images and stories to get you somewhere, this is your chance. Head over to the Travel Stars sign up page and get started!

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