Who is the Writer in Your Family?

Every family has one, that individual who loves to sit down and write. It’s stories, or journals, or some other form of expression, but they love to jot down their thoughts and share them. That person is often a reader too, but not always. Your family might even have more than one.

VRguest is a vacation rental booking site that has created a space for the writer in your family. Our new writing space is called Travel Stars. It is specifically designed for travel writing, since we are part of the travel industry. We have provided a place for people in all walks of life to share what they have written about their travels or about a destination. It’s actually a lot of fun.

The news about Travel Stars is getting out with new sign ups rolling in all the time. Just create an account and start writing. When was your last vacation? What did you do? Did you take pictures? Travel Stars is pretty friendly about what you can share and we’ve made it as easy to do.

Why just be the writer in your family, when you can be a writer that a lot of people read? Just sign up at Travel Stars and get started. Show the world what you can do!

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