Who is Your Photographer?

You probably know a photographer; that person who goes out and takes photos of just about anything -and they have a good time doing it. It might be you. With today’s technology, nearly everyone has access to cameras that are pretty high-end. The pictures from an average mobile device are far superior to what fairly good cameras used to produce. That means the field of amateur photography is open to us all.

That might be where the love of photography started, but did the photographer you know move on? Did he or she add real, stand-alone camera to the arsenal? That person just might have. Those who love photography often find a way.

VRguest, the host of this blog, is a vacation rental booking site. That means we love travel, talking about travel, and, yes, taking travel pictures. Most of the people who work here love to take the travel photographs. Some of us do own those professional-looking cameras with rather long lenses. And so, when we travel, we break out our gear and go to it.

We have created a place for photography lovers to post their travel pictures. We love to share them and so we figured you did too! Travel Stars is available to anyone who loves to share their travels. So, search through your travel pics, or even those cool ones that tell people how cool your home town is, and share them on Travel Stars. It’s easy to do. Sign up now and get started!

Photographer on beach

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