World’s Best Kept Secret Travel Spots #9: Pangulasian Island, Philippines


The Philippines are made up of  7,461 islands that covers over 132,600 square miles in the South Pacific. It is surrounded by the South China, Sulu, Philippines, and Celebes Seas. The Philippines are part of the volcanic ring of fire the circles the Pacific Ocean from New Zealand to South America. Because of it’s proximity to the equator and a hot spot for volcanic activity, it is prone to typhoons, earthquakes and volcanic activity. With a population of over 100 million people, the Philippines are the 12th most populated country in the world; 10 million Filipino’s live outside of the island nation.

That being said, don’t let these facts deter you form visiting these a beautiful islands. This volatile activity has help create an amazing biodiversity of native plants, animals and sea life that is sure to inspire any traveler. You can enjoy beautiful views of both the sunrise and the sunset from the island, spend the afternoon relaxing on the beach or hike the rugged terrain to the top of the island for gorgeous view of the surrounding islands.

The only place to stay on the island is the El Nido Resort.  It is an all-inclusive, eco-friendly, luxury resort with water-front villa’s just steps to the beach. The area is kept immaculate with their lush landscaping, perfectly maintained grounds. The Villas are an open, airy design. There are four styles to choose from: the Pool Villa, literally your own pool is right outside your doorstep. The Beach Villa, offers immediate access to the beach right outside your doorstep and these units are the closest to the resort center. The Kalaw Villa, the most secluded villas available. There are four private villas that surround it’s own lap pool. The Canopy Villas sit perched 50-60 feet off the ground with expansive views of the surrounding area.

The Island of Pangulasian is known as “the island of the sun”.  The water is breath-taking; crystal clear blue color and an excellent destination for snorkeling or diving.

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